Wedding Accessory Inspiration - 2023 Trends

Wedding Accessory Inspiration - 2023 Trends

A new year brings a lot of promise and excitement for the year ahead, even more so when you have a wedding to plan. When it comes to complementing your wedding gown with accessories, a little inspiration helps. So we’ve compiled a mini list of the top five accessory trends for 2023.

Use this a guide for inspiration, if none of these speak to you, that’s okay. You still need to feel and look like you on your wedding day - trends don’t need to be followed!

Leave a comment to let us know what you’ll be wearing on your special day.


1 - Customised Veils
We did see a surge of customised veils over the last few years, think back to Hailey Beibers heavily embroidered veil featuring a ‘Till death..’ customisation. And this will continue strong into 2023, but with the trend taking on a more sentimental value. Think, lyrics to your favourite songs or quotes from your favourite book or film. I absolutely love this, and think it adds such a special detail to you wedding look. Veils used to be handed down through generations and this can still be done with customised veils; imagine being able to add your own touch to a veil and seeing the family tapestry of love build overtime. How beautiful!  

2. Gloves
An arc back to a more glamorous period in time, gloves used to be a staple when leaving the house often with a matching a hat. Seeing gloves being styled in a wedding look brings me so much joy. Whether you choose something simple like a soft tulle pair or a bold embellished pair, gloves really will add such a unique touch. There’s even a fingerless option…it’s a win/win situation.

3. Pearl Detailing
If this is your first time here, hello my name is Victoria and I’m obsessed with pearls. Even if pearls were never seen on a trends list again I would still be working with them. They are, in my humble option, the most romantic of all the gems. They create such a classic and elegant look that will never date. Lustrous pearls will always be my go to when creating bridal pieces, followed very closely by crystals…of course, I feel that goes without saying. 

4. Mini Veils
I can not wait to start experimenting with this look, it’s such a lovely, and dare I say, fun twist on the typical bridal veils we currently know and love. Here’s hoping that we’ll see brides embracing this look, it’s perfect for the minimalist bride or for an elopement - so chic!

5. Statement Headpieces and Hats
Lastly, the piéce de résistance - statement headpieces and hats. For the bolder and modern brides, your time to shine has arrived. We’ll be seeing more and more people giddy with excitement as they finally have an occasion to wear the headpiece of their dreams. Think heavily embellished, a little over the top but still romantic and dreamy, that’s the approach I have taken in the past when creating wedding pieces and the outcome is incredible.

P.S. If this isn’t for you, never fear my dears, headbands are still here to stay!

What are you most excited to wear on your wedding day?
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