2022 Bridal Trend - Pearls

2022 Bridal Trend - Pearls

These naturally created miracles are officially the worlds oldest gems and they have been revered through-out history. Once only allowed to be worn by Roman upper classes as the ultimate status symbol, Pearls have become the symbol of luxury and romance around the world. 

Today Natural Pearls are one of the rarest gems to come across, so thankfully we have wonderful pearls created by industry leaders like Swarovski and Preciosa to replicate that natural lustre. 

We love using pearls to embellish our handmade pieces, and especially in our bridal creations. They add such a beautiful and romantic element to everything they are added too. They’re such an elegant feature and a simple way for any bridal to elevate their wedding look. 

Wedding trends have come and gone, but pearls have always remained and I’m so excited to see them take centre stage again this year. 

Visit our online store to see how we use Swarovski Pearls in our handmade designs. 

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