Introducing Aurelia Paige

Introducing Aurelia Paige

We live in a world full of Romance.

Our headpieces reflect the classic and elegant nature of the individuals they adorn.

Handmade in Australia, by honouring the age old traditions of millinery and marrying them with modern materials…

…we create something that is more than a headpiece, it’s an heirloom.

Over the last 5 years of creating millinery under the brand name Victoria Jane Millinery, we have had the most amazing experiences and have absolutely loved every minute of being VJM, but now it’s time for something new.

After months of work behind the scenes and thinking about what we want to be in the future, we have decided on a new name, one that embodies and reflects our new hopes and dreams for the future. 

Designer Victoria has evolved her unique style to bring to her clients intricate and timeless pieces. The perfect accessory to elevate your look.  

 We can’t wait to share this new adventure with you, and hope you enjoy being along with us for the ride.




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