Real Bride - Helen

Real Bride - Helen

Originally due to be married in 2020, Helen and her partner Adrian were forced to put plans on hold due to the pandemic, it was a two year wait, but my goodness, it was worth it. 

I am incredibly lucky to call Helen a close friend, and even luckier to have been asked to make her a custom headpiece and veil for her wedding.

We first started discussing her vision way back in 2019 (which feels like a life-time ago) and the brief was minimalist, something different, and nothing to big or fussy.

Helen gave me a swatch of her lace that was used for the gown, and off I went.

To create the headpiece, I started by using millinery wire to created a wire frame with a branch inspired look. Along the piece were individually placed delicate pearl stamens, and after a quick fitting with the bride, the entire piece was wrapped meters of silk thread.
For the veil, I hunted down the same lace as her dress, because I really enjoy a cohesive look, and jigsawed the lace onto the bottom of her veil. It takes a while cutting the lace and finding patterns that fit together; but it’s worth it.
Once everything was pinned into place, it was sewn onto the veil by hand.
I just love the romance and drama that a veil can add to a bridal look. 
Do you agree?
Everything came together perfectly for Helen, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this beautiful couple. 
Photographer - @foxandfeather
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