Aurelia Paige x Magic Millions

Aurelia Paige x Magic Millions

This is the first time I’ve had a piece of my work show up in a Fashions on the Field competition and my beautiful client came 3rd! 

For this custom order the request was pillbox in natural straw with as many flowers as possible. Easy enough, right?! Finding the straw was simple enough and normally I would make the flowers but time and budget constraints came into play, so to meet my deadline pre-made flowers were required. 

                                 Design proposal sketch

Finding the right shapes and colours for the flowers took me on an adventure all over Melbourne but eventually I found the most amazing shop about and hour and a half outside of Melbourne CBD called Desflora in Hallam. They helped me find the last colours I needed to add to the pillbox in the crucial colours of orange and yellow that were missing from the hat. 

It turned out to be quite the day, but it’s those days that make me love what I do even more. 

Once I had all my elements for the pill box it was time to put it together.


And two messy days later it was complete and off to Noosa.


Congratulations to Imika for putting together a beautiful outfit and taking out 3rd place on the day, and to all the winners on the day everyone looked incredible!


Photo by @getracy  


Photo - Bob McGahan Photography via Facebook







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